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(NANO EVENT WINNER) Ether Adjustment by MilesMastersMC (NANO EVENT WINNER) Ether Adjustment :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 4 2 I'm not cute! : by MilesMastersMC I'm not cute! : :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 1 4 (Commission) Bird-Ride by MilesMastersMC (Commission) Bird-Ride :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 3 1 (EVENT) Nano Helper by MilesMastersMC (EVENT) Nano Helper :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 2 6 Please don't leave me again. by MilesMastersMC Please don't leave me again. :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 4 3 Close to his Chest by MilesMastersMC Close to his Chest :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 3 1 derp by MilesMastersMC derp :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 3 8 (PARTY Series) Crate Crush by MilesMastersMC (PARTY Series) Crate Crush :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 3 3 (PARTY Series) Shake It Up! by MilesMastersMC (PARTY Series) Shake It Up! :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 6 4 Optimistic Rainbow by MilesMastersMC Optimistic Rainbow :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 1 3 Looking after lil' sis. by MilesMastersMC Looking after lil' sis. :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 2 1 They pressed A and joined the party. (EVENT OVER) by MilesMastersMC They pressed A and joined the party. (EVENT OVER) :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 3 1 Meelezz VS. Death Routes by MilesMastersMC Meelezz VS. Death Routes :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 1 0 The Story's Sealed by MilesMastersMC The Story's Sealed :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 1 2 I tried making him cute. by MilesMastersMC I tried making him cute. :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 2 2 Press A To Join the Party. (SPECIAL EVENT) by MilesMastersMC Press A To Join the Party. (SPECIAL EVENT) :iconmilesmastersmc:MilesMastersMC 3 10
Welcome to the magical world of Not-Disney, but instead, WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM OF MEELEZZ, BABY, LET'S GO!


Crash 2: In the Warp Room by CortexgalReturns Crash 2: In the Warp Room :iconcortexgalreturns:CortexgalReturns 36 7 {Comm} Meelezz by CharleetheCat-Bat {Comm} Meelezz :iconcharleethecat-bat:CharleetheCat-Bat 11 2 Glitched Meelezz .:Comishy:. by cstar-7984 Glitched Meelezz .:Comishy:. :iconcstar-7984:cstar-7984 10 2 [Gift] Little sparky surprise by Ximeon [Gift] Little sparky surprise :iconximeon:Ximeon 17 6 [Gift] Stargazing of a different kind by Ximeon [Gift] Stargazing of a different kind :iconximeon:Ximeon 9 4 Crash Twinsanity by Miledblur Crash Twinsanity :iconmiledblur:Miledblur 274 26 Crash Bandicoot by Miledblur Crash Bandicoot :iconmiledblur:Miledblur 186 11 Done with this by BlueStripedRenulian Done with this :iconbluestripedrenulian:BlueStripedRenulian 110 18 ''You are in detention!'' by JunkieTso ''You are in detention!'' :iconjunkietso:JunkieTso 93 41 ''Fresh meat for mah pot'' by JunkieTso ''Fresh meat for mah pot'' :iconjunkietso:JunkieTso 135 59 In The Treetops by KempferZero In The Treetops :iconkempferzero:KempferZero 134 39 Crash the Party by shrimposaurus Crash the Party :iconshrimposaurus:shrimposaurus 167 48 Crash Bandicoot Sketch by CrashLegend25 Crash Bandicoot Sketch :iconcrashlegend25:CrashLegend25 19 4 crash bandicoot by theguywhodrawsalot crash bandicoot :icontheguywhodrawsalot:theguywhodrawsalot 16 0 Blasted Bandicoot by RickyAlexander Blasted Bandicoot :iconrickyalexander:RickyAlexander 101 10 The Big Bash by E-122-Psi The Big Bash :icone-122-psi:E-122-Psi 747 120
Stuff I think is cool or stuff that features me and looks cool.

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🍊 Meelezz [MTG] 🍊
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom


STEAM: catcrashy ("🍊 Meelezz [MTG] 🍊
SKYPE: - Send me a note for it. -
DISCORD: 🍊 Meelezz [MTG] 🍊#7146
TWITTER: @MeelezzTheGod

- / Crazy Memelord, Decent Artist, Gamer Forever, Trash-4-Crash. / -

Yo, my name is Meelezz, I like to make fun of stuff for a laugh with friends, oh yeah I also do art I guess.
Big-time Crash-Trashbag for the majority (I know it's sad) and gamer in general. Play all kinds of games.
Part of a team consisting of 5 idiots (myself included) bound to be doing something stupid every day. (#TeamMeelezzFTW)

I do roleplaying (no erotic, fetish or pony) and I enjoy playing video games like most people do, with my favourite franchise of all time being Crash Bandicoot. I may be a little bit of a sarcastic dickhead, but most of the time I usually do it for humor's sake as I am a memelord, I love my dank mey-meys. So pretty much, don't take my random, I repeat, my RANDOM and STUPID shit too seriously otherwise unnecessary drama will emerge. And I don't like drama being directed towards me. Cause well.... I'm not Mr. YouTube.

I encourage you to post a comment on any art I upload, I like to see people's feedback in words, plus I'll respond to them all. Enjoy this terrible mess of an art profile, ya beautiful or not-so-beautiful person. G-bye.


My favourite franchise of all time. Loved the series ever since I was a little moustachio'd man. When I first got Crash 3: Warped and played it until I got nearly every Crystal, Gem and Relic in the game, I would never forget the franchise. I got nearly every game for consoles and I am excited for the N-Sane Trilogy. VERY excited. (#trash4crash)
Who else doesn't love this franchise? This is the same red hat clad plumber who fucking saved gaming from the 1983 video game crash. (oh what a tradegy) Anyway, Mario needs no introduction, really. Everyone knows this plumber and his many adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom, and he's still going at it after 30+ years. Jeez, he's really at it.
I am a trash heap for this game. There's so much to do in this game, even WITHOUT mods on the Steam Workshop! Yes, you heard me, this game has mod support. You can play as your own character of a race you like, set in a universe of many stars that you can 'splore with your little ship which you can upgrade later on. There's a story too, but I don't really care. I just love the game.
Oh hey look, the second video game character I met after Crash. What are the odds? Well, as obvious as it is, I love the original trilogy to bits. Ever since I played Year Of The Dragon back in the day, I enjoyed most of this series' games. Can't say it's doing well right now. Quite the shame. Poor bastard.
If I wasn't playing PS1, I'd be on my N64 or in later years, I'd be on the Gamecube, then the Wii and so on. I love good ol' Nintendo, they never disappoint in terms of quality games. Sure, they may screw up every now and then and it is noticeable that they have been playing it safe for quite a while, but there's still no excuse that Nintendo still sells well in terms of games and sometimes consoles. (Wii U was good in quality, but wasn't the best in sales, let's hope for better.)
Hoooooo, boy, the blue blur, the dude with an attitude, it's Sonic. Sonic The FREAKIN' Hedgehog. I find enjoyment in plenty of Sonic games, but I am aware of the.... well... um.... the BAD ones. Yeah, I know, Sonic can screw up at some points of his lifespan, but eh, at least we have Mania and Project 2017, right guys?
Knuckles. & Knuckles. Feat. Knuckles from K.N.U.C.K.L.E.S and Knuckles with more Knuckles with Knuckles DLC including Knuckles and more Knuckles. (and knuckles dont chuckles)
I enjoy franchises like Sonic The Hedgehog or Super Monkey Ball, and I respect this company for taking risks and experimenting, even if it turns out to be a disaster in the outcome. Also, THEY APPROVE OF FAN GAMES. That's some worthy respect yo.
Smash 4 is a great fighting game, with great DLC packed in, just right in terms of character balance (much to Melee players' dismay) and it's just fun in general. I love it. (Oh, and who wouldn't wanna play as Bayonetta delivering hot beatdowns on Ness? OwO)
Expand Dong. I love DKC as a series, enjoyed DK64, even found some enjoyment in Diddy Kong Racing. Plus, I like the "Expand Dong" meme for the hell of it. No joke, some of these images are pretty fucking funny. Here's one of my favourites:
We all knew he'd be on this list. Waluigi is one of my top choices for Mario Kart, Mario Party or any Mario sport game. He's also one of my favourite memes to use in Discord chats or Skype. WAAAAAALUIGI TIME! (praise our lord wah or be purged)
One of my many great choices for Smash. Coined amazing phrases and moves like the Falcon Punch and "Show me your moves!". He's also here for the sake of his many memes. Why exactly? I'm a memelord, get on my level. H'YES!
I. Fucking. Love. This. Show. This show is adult-themed comedy done right set in a sci-fi setting about a drunk scientist and his grandson going on crazy adventures. Reminds me and maybe lots of other dudes of Back To The Future, but hey this show's fantastic. Watch it now.
This game is a fantastic racer. It has the antigravity mechanic inspired by Crash Nitro Kart, as well as some DLC with mothafuckin' LINK from Zelda and some dudes from Animal Crossing. And hell, there's a deluxe version too with Inklings and Battle Mode!



I will be less active for two weeks unfortunately due to personal problems happening. I will try to get any commishes out as soon as I can. So stay alert guys.

Figured I do this sooner.... so this is my info on commissions.

Things I can/will draw:

- Humans (Male/Female)
- Furries/Anthro (Male/Female)
- Robots (depends on the kind)
- Fan Art (Video Games, TV, etc. Again, depends on what it is.)

Things I can't/won't draw:

- Ponies
- 18+/Adult content (sex, porn, yaoi etc.)
- Fetishes of any kind.
- Dumb requests such as "CAN YOU DRAW A GUN?". 


SKETCH (NO COLOR) - 5-10 :points: (Depends on complexity)


I'm not cute! : by MilesMastersMC Protectorate Meelezz by MilesMastersMC Nostalgia Overload by MilesMastersMC

COLORED CHARACTER ART - 15-20 :points: (Depends on character of choice)


(NANO EVENT WINNER) Ether Adjustment by MilesMastersMC Close to his Chest by MilesMastersMC Please don't leave me again. by MilesMastersMC


Extra characters (max 5 per art) - +5 :points:
If I'm gonna keep going with these events, I need more than just my noggin and a couple of pencils. I need SUPPORT! Yes, that is right, I would like to see how you guys would come up with an event.

Here's how things go down with event concepts:

- It should likely involve more than one character, minimum of two people. (or one existing character alongside the squadron of blanks.)

- Reference to certain media of any kind. (Mario Party for instance.)

- Could have a story concept to go in the description of the preview piece.

Thanks and be welcome to comment your idea, might get picked for when I'm low on creative fuel. ~MTG
Thanks Charlee, you really deserve more watchers for doing high quality stuff like this.
{Comm} Meelezz
Cheap point commission for :iconmilesmastersmc: of a digitally coloured picture of his sona, so this is what I managed to create. 

It wasn't successful at first but I managed to make it work, mainly after I decided to not use the pens for drawing it, as it makes me too stressed to make it as straight as possible. 

Glad I could get it done in the same day it was asked, hope I did him justice and hope you like him. ^^ 

Meelazz belongs to © MilesMastersMC
Art belongs to © Me
This is fantastic. I love it so much. Thanks, cstar, you're really cool.
Glitched Meelezz .:Comishy:.
A comishy for MilesMastersMC !!! ^^

Hope You Like! :star:
(NANO EVENT WINNER) Ether Adjustment
"The Nano capsule that Meelezz happened to find surprisingly contained what people have called a "Cody" Nano, with the ability to boost attack and defense and summon holographic weaponry for short periods of time before cooldown, the nano is shown to be more confused as to what events are happening, but it is willing to transfer energy to the user, in this case that user is Meelezz."

Congrats to Ximeon for winning the event! Now you got a little chibi version of your OC to mess around with.

I figured having the Nano look slightly different from the real counterpart would be simple, in this case have the power icon be in the center of the torso.

Enjoy. ~ MTG

Cody (or Nano Cody, I guess.) - :iconximeon:
Meelezz - me.

I forgot about the Nano Event! Sorry guys, will be straight on it. I apologise for any delays!
I'm not cute! :
"I swear I'm not cute! I'm a man!"

M: "Yeah, yeah, keep denying."

A little joke between the team, :iconscourge84: denies the fact she's adorable at times despite the fact she makes my heart melt lmao.

It literally makes me wanna bear-hug her!

Scrash - :iconscourge84:
(Commission) Bird-Ride
( Commish for :iconsalaalternate: )

He wanted one of his other characters drawn in my style. So we settled on a commish for it. His character of choice was his box-torso robot ostrich, Chip. He was easy to draw and I figured since he's got an openable box torso, let's have Meelezz hitch a ride like it's Bear It from Crash 2.


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Parappa the rapper great game
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